NATEFACS is a national organization of teacher educators whose purpose is to improve and strengthen teacher education in family and consumer sciences.


Become a member of NATEFACS and connect with other Graphic Link To Members Page FCS educators to network and discuss the field of family and consumer sciences education as we prepare the next generation of FCS teachers. Visit our Members Page to learn more about our members and how to become a member.

The Journal

The Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences Education (JFCSE) isGraphic Link To Directory published as a full-text electronic, peer reviewed journal to facilitate communication among members of the family and consumer sciences education professional community.

The Directory

Use this interactive directory to locate Family and Consumer Graphic Link Interactive DirectorySciences Teacher Education programs at universities throughout the United States.Online Directory created by Amanda Holland, Doctoral Student in Family and Consumer Sciences Education Texas Tech University.

Resource Library

Graphic Link to Resource Library From FCS content to best practices, there is a wealth of information here.

Upcoming Meetings, Agendas & Schedules

The National Partnership to Recruit, Prepare, and Support Human Sciences/Family and Consumer Sciences Educators (funded by the USDA-NIFA) is pleased to offer three LIVE webinars each year and provide access to an online bank of free webinars to provide educators with information on current FCS topics and pedagogy strategies. As teacher educators, NATEFACS encourages you to incorporate these webinars into your classes and promote the resources offered by our professional associations.

Here is the current link to the page that has the webinars (open access to everyone) funded through the grant. Right now, there are 11 webinars available (2 specific to Body of Knowledge and 9 other content related ones).


Nancy Shepard, Current President Greetings from the NATEFACS board! As I step into my new role as President, I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such dedicated professionals. I would like to thank Dr. Nancy Shepherd for her leadership of this organization over the past couple of years and to welcome Dr. Amanda Holland to the role of President-Elect. The last year and a half has tested everyone’s resolve, but I’ve been impressed with how resilient my fellow FCS teacher educators have been. Multiple Zoom meetings have made it possible for us to continue to conduct the important work of the organization and to finalize the latest competencies for Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher Education Standards which can be found on this website. These standards will serve as a guide for the preparation of FCS educators for the foreseeable future. Professionals continue to disseminate important research and practical information via the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences Education. The most recent issue was published in the Spring of 2021 and Editorial Board is eager to publish a new issue sometime during the winter of 2022. We invite manuscript submissions on a wide variety of topics that relate to FCS and are also seeking individuals who would be willing to serve as reviewers. As a Unified Associate of ACTE, FCS Division, NATEFACS has a role in influencing policy change while promoting and enhancing education. Work to finalize a merger with LEAD FCS Ed is underway to further streamline the work of FCS professionals, teacher educators, and state administrators.
Nicole A. Graves, PhD, Assistant Professor