NATEFACS is a national organization of teacher educators whose purpose is to improve and strengthen teacher education in family and consumer sciences.


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The Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences Education (JFCSE) isGraphic Link To Directory published as a full-text electronic, peer reviewed journal to facilitate communication among members of the family and consumer sciences education professional community.

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Use this interactive directory to locate Family and Consumer Graphic Link Interactive DirectorySciences Teacher Education programs at universities throughout the United States.Online Directory created by Amanda Holland, Doctoral Student in Family and Consumer Sciences Education Texas Tech University.

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Graphic Link to Resource Library From FCS content to best practices, there is a wealth of information here.

ATTENTION NATEFACS MEMBERS!   I hope you are making plans for Dallas and AAFCS this June! ... Our business meeting will be an early oneā€¦7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 27th.  This time will certainly not conflict with the many obligations we all have at this meeting!  Bring your coffee or tea and your breakfast and join your colleagues in this meeting.   Regards, Carol Werhan, President NATEFACS

In the number-one destination in Texas, where "big things happen," join family and consumer sciences professionals from across the country in Dallas to:

  • Discover research-based trends in personal and family finance, as well as how these trends affect other family and consumer sciences areas.
  • Learn about current research assessing financial behavior and resource use among a variety of groups.
  • Discuss new and effective strategies individuals, families, and communities can use to improve their financial fitness.
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Carol Werhan, Current President
Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Educators and Allies,

As the professional field of family and consumer sciences (FCS) is constantly evolving based on societal demands, so does the preparation and role of FCS teacher educators. With a national shortage of both secondary FCS teachers and FCS teacher educators, new issues and concerns are occurring which requires us to re-imagine our role in the profession. As a member of the National Association of Teacher Educators of Family and Consumer Sciences or NATEFACS, I would encourage you to not only reach out to your fellow teacher educators, but also those that lead secondary programs at the state and local levels. Perhaps with all of us working together, we can populate the secondary classrooms with high quality FCS teachers, some of which will want to become teacher educators!

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Dr. Carol R. Werhan

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AAFCS 108th Annual Conference & Expo
June 25-28, 2017
Hyatt Regency Dallas
Dallas, TX
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