Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Volume 33, Special Issue 1
Spring/Summer 2016

Filling the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Pipeline
Janine Duncan, Chair, Family and Consumer Sciences Education Summit (2015)

Promising Practices Articles*
The Development of a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Recruitment Event for Secondary-Level Students
Kayla M. Godbey

Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Educator Pipeline: Career Pathway Potential
Michael Gutter
Laura Stephenson

Recruiting Family and Consumer Sciences Professionals through Career-Readiness Efforts in Tennessee
Sandra Poirer
Megan E. Sager
Emily T. Kounlavong

Say YES to FCS:  A National Campaign to Meet the Demand for FCS Teachers
Gayla Randel
Sandy Spavone

USDA Says Yes to Supporting FCS:  The Role of the United States Department of Agriculture in FCS Research, Education, and Extension
Ahlishia J. Shipley
Caroline E. Crocoll

A One-Day Campus-Based Recruitment Event for Agricultural and Family and Consumer Sciences Education 
Scott Smalley
Debra DeBates
Amy Smith

Creation of a New Family and Consumer Sciences Education Program at Oklahoma State University
Paula J. Tripp
Shiretta F. Ownbey

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